The project in a few words

The objectives of the project are to meet the expectations of shellfish hatcheries on securing their farms through the development of an innovative hybrid seawater treatment process that will be the subject of technology transfer. The aim is to study the impact and performance of two process couplings for the disinfection and chemical decontamination of seawater upstream of shellfish farms. A study will be carried out to better understand/quantify the shortcomings of current processes in terms of performance and generation of by-products. The effects of current disinfection systems in shellfish hatcheries, in particular UV irradiation which may lead to the formation of toxic metabolites in the presence of organic micropollutants, will be studied. An innovative process combining activated carbon and membrane processes, not generating by-products, will be developed. If the study will be carried out on the two disinfection and decontamination processes, it is the process as a whole that will be evaluated (i) under controlled conditions in order to be able to control the input parameters and the operating parameters and then (ii) transferred to the sites of the two socio-economic partners in order to assess performance in relation to water variability.

The purpose of this project is the transfer of technology to the socio-economic world with the implementation of an optimal process of disinfection/ decontamination within two hatcheries, partners of the project.